Art and my Life

1. Intro

2. ART and lessons

3. Major and Career

Hey guys this is the final paper of this class, said to say good bye but great that we will be one step closer to our goal. And my gosh is to make films. What a great introduction. Alright moving on!

Art, this class had show many different style of art that help expand my knowledge and truly inspired me. And art is everything that has to do with my life, because I think to myself as an artist. Now let me explain, I don’t claim to be all great and amazing artist yet because that isn’t going to happen until a very long time. What I mean is that I think that I am the artist of my own life, I can chose and make it to what it is that I want it to be. Every Essenes of my being and the way I carry my life is all art and creativity. Also I can sit here and try to come up with things to say or make something up but I won’t do that. The one and only most important I take out of this class was Mr. Glenn telling us to make art every week. That is all that I learn honestly there were other little thing but this was the main.

Career, I have no idea where it will go but one thing I can tell you is that I will follow my heart all the way through and where ever that takes me, it will be mine. I want to make film and that’s all that I know and from there we will see what happen. I am not too fixated on the money aspect of thing although it can help for sure but I truly and honestly want to make art and that is that.

I know this was a short one but honestly that is the truth and the truth need not much to say. The action, it speaks for it self.

Thank you Mr. Glenn for teaching us and thank you to all my classmate.


Artist conversation Week 10

Artist: Natalie Rosen

Piece: Fear, Criticism,chaos

Media: Polymer Clay, Acrylic

Exhibit: Witti-Schism

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @natalieanne

Natalie Rosen is in her last year of school of Illustration program. She enjoy the progress of telling story through the work of art. On her free ti,e to her self she enjoy time with her cat the most and hangin out with close friends. Her thesis is focused on humor, it is a coping ,mechanism. This piece was made of polymer clay and paper.

Paper was cut up into shapes and connected together to create an amazing art, there were houses connected by a dragon and other were arts of characters. She also have animal and the outstanding one were the three headed goat however the dog stand out the most for me because it has a unique personality. Each animal has their own story and personality which make this work so interesting.

She said that humor is the key to easing life because as we know it taking life too serious isn’t a good way to life. Balance is key to it all.

One Last Time Project

Firstly, it is ironic to say “firstly” when it’s the last project that we will do. However thanks to our teacher I was able to improve my filming skills. Since day one he told us all to try to do what we love doing every week so I started making film videos every week.

This last creation will be another one of “student choice”, I decide to make another video and this one was on thanks giving. The first time I did this was a music video using cloths as characters and this time around it’s about my family. The video it self will explain all. With that said the first one I did I was happy with because it was very creative but the quality can improve. This time around I think I have made it better than I did last time. Everything from capturing the moments to camera angles.

There is not much for me to say anymore just watch the video! I can see that I could have differently try having better lighting and color grade but that comes with times. I will continue to improve on my craft and we will see where I end up. Thank you all for joining this ride and here we end the journey of my first semester.

B9 – Finger Painting (project II)


Dear to who it may concern,

As of this day November 14, 2018 I Darith had done a finger painting project. It was extremely fun to do, with the feel of the paint on my skin and placing it onto a huge blank board. It was different that usual. It was definitely easier to do since you don’t have one concept that you have to create but at the same time it comes with its own hardship. It was hard because I have the need to make things looks good and without an idea or a pacific picture in mind it was different. I decided to go with the flow allow the finger to move on its own and allow what ever emotion I had transfer  onto the board. I uses blue, yellow and green, Of course being on a college budget I must be smart and buy primary color in that way I can create a secondary color which was green. Without any subject it was a big confusing but in a way its kind of like life, you can either define one concept and follow that or you can trust and follow with that comes to the moment. Other painting I have seem are a representation of one thing or more, but this was different this was one and only. What I mean by that is it can never be create again. There could one be one because there was no rules or structure that can be follow. Now you can and its possible to make a replica of this but it wouldn’t have the same story nor emotional follow to the piece. Other than that this was a fun experience and  messy as well. By the end of the work, I had paint on my camera, hands, the floor that I was working on, it was a mess. But lucky the paint comes off easy by simple applying a bit of water and some dry paper toil. Here are some picture of the finger painting and I hope you enjoy.

Best regard,




Spray Paint Project | Darith


I woke up to a lovely day, then I began to brush my teeth as I’m getting ready for work. Oh! First thing in the morning I drink a glass of water, almost forgot about that then once I was all set I went to work. As the days goes on I realize wait a minute. I need to do my spray paint project so I began to panic and have a heart attack. No I’m kidding other wise I wouldn’t be able to write this. I was thinking maybe I can paint it on a paper plate then put them together to create my name. Great idea! Then I got off work and went home, once I got there I somehow decided to spray paint it on a board instead and as it turns out wasn’t go great. I had very little space to make it work and I wasn’t too good at spray painting. The paint began to drip and it was just all a mess. Over I say this was not a successful run but that’s okay. If it was to come down to drawing and paint with a brush, I would have destroy this project, in a positing connotation of course. Thank you for tuning in and I will see you all in the next one, bye!


Student Choice Project – Video Cover

Hey everyone, I love this project because I get to be myself and show you all a little bit of my character. Basically the goal of this project for me is to make a music video cover with my own spin to it. I have no actors, and I always have been struggling with that. However the goal for this project to to create a video with no actors involve. How will I go about that you may as? We’ll see the video for your self, haha.

Absolutely this goal was achieve although there were maybe difficult challenges to this whole process. It took me quite some time, and I have a bit of assistant from my family. And the video was what I wanted to be for the most part.

Ah, my experience well let me just say my whole project video has crashed the last minute to uploading and I have to figure out a way to completing it therefore some quality of the video is sacrifice. But overall it was fun, and it was interesting how if you put your mind to it Art can be made. I also got kicked out of the store for recording in their property but hey sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I was very respectful when they told me I couldn’t record but that’s okay because I had already gotten most of the shot that I wanted .

This project is a learning experience for me, the more I work on it the more that I will improve. And as Mr. Gleen had stated, you learn by doing. I had taken up his advice to make video every week, now this might not always meet the time. It can take two weeks sometime to finish but I try my best to do more and keep on learning. Enough of me talking and enjoy the Video.

Wk B5 – Artist Conversation


This week was absolutely outstanding, I had walked in this building a instantly was hit by and aw moment. This is outrages, the work that was put into this and the story that was crafted it truly inspire me to create my own art. Hint the Student Choice project have I have made, you can check that out on another blog of mine.

This art work was a stop motion style, and as we all know stop motion takes a lot of time and dedication. And as it was display to us it shower all the piece that the artist use to create their video. It was amazing, he also display a a lot of the piece that he uses for eyes and mouth as they open and close within frame by frame.

This spark an idea to be to create a story of my own with an object other than human as character. I wont give anything away so if you would like to watch the video that i have made for Student Choice Project you can do so.

Back to this art works, the detail within each character and object such as tree, rocks mountain were in full detail. I don’t know how anyone would not be inspire after seeing this. With that said I will leave you to it, enjoy this work of art as well as my Student Choice Project video.

Japanese Garden – Sketches and Photos

Comparison between drawing and photography, well it is who totally different type of art that is being at play. Photography your job is to capture the best side of what is there available to you. Pointing the camera and being creative with the angle that you chose to take the picture in. On the other hand drawing is a different ball game, your need to understand how the object works in order to draw the picture into perspective, understanding why the object are there and what purpose do they serve compare to it surrounding. Drawing take more of your attention then photography does, with that said both are great art showcasing a certain things, or idea. Although both did have their common feature, both are very creative, and it takes perspective. As you would with a camera you also have to position yourself into the lens/angle that you want to see the object from. There for just as I would the camera to where I want to take the picture, with drawing I also have to do the same except the cameras are my eyes.

Compare and contrast my experience of representation and abstraction, to kick things off, abstraction was easy to do in my opinion. The reason for that being is that I’m really good that taking close up picture also drawing a bigger picture that take up more space is also easier. The more detail and the smaller the drawing the harder it is for the human hand to function. With the representation on the other hand was more of a wider shot/perspective of drawing in order to create more of a realistic effect to the work. With that said both were extremely fun to do and interesting to play around with the perspective.