B9 – Finger Painting (project II)


Dear to who it may concern,

As of this day November 14, 2018 I Darith had done a finger painting project. It was extremely fun to do, with the feel of the paint on my skin and placing it onto a huge blank board. It was different that usual. It was definitely easier to do since you don’t have one concept that you have to create but at the same time it comes with its own hardship. It was hard because I have the need to make things looks good and without an idea or a pacific picture in mind it was different. I decided to go with the flow allow the finger to move on its own and allow what ever emotion I had transfer  onto the board. I uses blue, yellow and green, Of course being on a college budget I must be smart and buy primary color in that way I can create a secondary color which was green. Without any subject it was a big confusing but in a way its kind of like life, you can either define one concept and follow that or you can trust and follow with that comes to the moment. Other painting I have seem are a representation of one thing or more, but this was different this was one and only. What I mean by that is it can never be create again. There could one be one because there was no rules or structure that can be follow. Now you can and its possible to make a replica of this but it wouldn’t have the same story nor emotional follow to the piece. Other than that this was a fun experience and  messy as well. By the end of the work, I had paint on my camera, hands, the floor that I was working on, it was a mess. But lucky the paint comes off easy by simple applying a bit of water and some dry paper toil. Here are some picture of the finger painting and I hope you enjoy.

Best regard,





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