Spray Paint Project | Darith


I woke up to a lovely day, then I began to brush my teeth as I’m getting ready for work. Oh! First thing in the morning I drink a glass of water, almost forgot about that then once I was all set I went to work. As the days goes on I realize wait a minute. I need to do my spray paint project so I began to panic and have a heart attack. No I’m kidding other wise I wouldn’t be able to write this. I was thinking maybe I can paint it on a paper plate then put them together to create my name. Great idea! Then I got off work and went home, once I got there I somehow decided to spray paint it on a board instead and as it turns out wasn’t go great. I had very little space to make it work and I wasn’t too good at spray painting. The paint began to drip and it was just all a mess. Over I say this was not a successful run but that’s okay. If it was to come down to drawing and paint with a brush, I would have destroy this project, in a positing connotation of course. Thank you for tuning in and I will see you all in the next one, bye!



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