One Last Time Project

Firstly, it is ironic to say “firstly” when it’s the last project that we will do. However thanks to our teacher I was able to improve my filming skills. Since day one he told us all to try to do what we love doing every week so I started making film videos every week.

This last creation will be another one of “student choice”, I decide to make another video and this one was on thanks giving. The first time I did this was a music video using cloths as characters and this time around it’s about my family. The video it self will explain all. With that said the first one I did I was happy with because it was very creative but the quality can improve. This time around I think I have made it better than I did last time. Everything from capturing the moments to camera angles.

There is not much for me to say anymore just watch the video! I can see that I could have differently try having better lighting and color grade but that comes with times. I will continue to improve on my craft and we will see where I end up. Thank you all for joining this ride and here we end the journey of my first semester.


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