Artist conversation Week 10

Artist: Natalie Rosen

Piece: Fear, Criticism,chaos

Media: Polymer Clay, Acrylic

Exhibit: Witti-Schism

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: @natalieanne

Natalie Rosen is in her last year of school of Illustration program. She enjoy the progress of telling story through the work of art. On her free ti,e to her self she enjoy time with her cat the most and hangin out with close friends. Her thesis is focused on humor, it is a coping ,mechanism. This piece was made of polymer clay and paper.

Paper was cut up into shapes and connected together to create an amazing art, there were houses connected by a dragon and other were arts of characters. She also have animal and the outstanding one were the three headed goat however the dog stand out the most for me because it has a unique personality. Each animal has their own story and personality which make this work so interesting.

She said that humor is the key to easing life because as we know it taking life too serious isn’t a good way to life. Balance is key to it all.


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