Art and my Life

1. Intro

2. ART and lessons

3. Major and Career

Hey guys this is the final paper of this class, said to say good bye but great that we will be one step closer to our goal. And my gosh is to make films. What a great introduction. Alright moving on!

Art, this class had show many different style of art that help expand my knowledge and truly inspired me. And art is everything that has to do with my life, because I think to myself as an artist. Now let me explain, I don’t claim to be all great and amazing artist yet because that isn’t going to happen until a very long time. What I mean is that I think that I am the artist of my own life, I can chose and make it to what it is that I want it to be. Every Essenes of my being and the way I carry my life is all art and creativity. Also I can sit here and try to come up with things to say or make something up but I won’t do that. The one and only most important I take out of this class was Mr. Glenn telling us to make art every week. That is all that I learn honestly there were other little thing but this was the main.

Career, I have no idea where it will go but one thing I can tell you is that I will follow my heart all the way through and where ever that takes me, it will be mine. I want to make film and that’s all that I know and from there we will see what happen. I am not too fixated on the money aspect of thing although it can help for sure but I truly and honestly want to make art and that is that.

I know this was a short one but honestly that is the truth and the truth need not much to say. The action, it speaks for it self.

Thank you Mr. Glenn for teaching us and thank you to all my classmate.


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