Wk B5 – Artist Conversation


This week was absolutely outstanding, I had walked in this building a instantly was hit by and aw moment. This is outrages, the work that was put into this and the story that was crafted it truly inspire me to create my own art. Hint the Student Choice project have I have made, you can check that out on another blog of mine.

This art work was a stop motion style, and as we all know stop motion takes a lot of time and dedication. And as it was display to us it shower all the piece that the artist use to create their video. It was amazing, he also display a a lot of the piece that he uses for eyes and mouth as they open and close within frame by frame.

This spark an idea to be to create a story of my own with an object other than human as character. I wont give anything away so if you would like to watch the video that i have made for Student Choice Project you can do so.

Back to this art works, the detail within each character and object such as tree, rocks mountain were in full detail. I don’t know how anyone would not be inspire after seeing this. With that said I will leave you to it, enjoy this work of art as well as my Student Choice Project video.


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