Japanese Garden – Sketches and Photos

Comparison between drawing and photography, well it is who totally different type of art that is being at play. Photography your job is to capture the best side of what is there available to you. Pointing the camera and being creative with the angle that you chose to take the picture in. On the other hand drawing is a different ball game, your need to understand how the object works in order to draw the picture into perspective, understanding why the object are there and what purpose do they serve compare to it surrounding. Drawing take more of your attention then photography does, with that said both are great art showcasing a certain things, or idea. Although both did have their common feature, both are very creative, and it takes perspective. As you would with a camera you also have to position yourself into the lens/angle that you want to see the object from. There for just as I would the camera to where I want to take the picture, with drawing I also have to do the same except the cameras are my eyes.

Compare and contrast my experience of representation and abstraction, to kick things off, abstraction was easy to do in my opinion. The reason for that being is that I’m really good that taking close up picture also drawing a bigger picture that take up more space is also easier. The more detail and the smaller the drawing the harder it is for the human hand to function. With the representation on the other hand was more of a wider shot/perspective of drawing in order to create more of a realistic effect to the work. With that said both were extremely fun to do and interesting to play around with the perspective.


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