Student Choice Project – Video Cover

Hey everyone, I love this project because I get to be myself and show you all a little bit of my character. Basically the goal of this project for me is to make a music video cover with my own spin to it. I have no actors, and I always have been struggling with that. However the goal for this project to to create a video with no actors involve. How will I go about that you may as? We’ll see the video for your self, haha.

Absolutely this goal was achieve although there were maybe difficult challenges to this whole process. It took me quite some time, and I have a bit of assistant from my family. And the video was what I wanted to be for the most part.

Ah, my experience well let me just say my whole project video has crashed the last minute to uploading and I have to figure out a way to completing it therefore some quality of the video is sacrifice. But overall it was fun, and it was interesting how if you put your mind to it Art can be made. I also got kicked out of the store for recording in their property but hey sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I was very respectful when they told me I couldn’t record but that’s okay because I had already gotten most of the shot that I wanted .

This project is a learning experience for me, the more I work on it the more that I will improve. And as Mr. Gleen had stated, you learn by doing. I had taken up his advice to make video every week, now this might not always meet the time. It can take two weeks sometime to finish but I try my best to do more and keep on learning. Enough of me talking and enjoy the Video.


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