WK B2 – Art Activity – Life Design

As we know it within this world we call earth one can only live one live, however for the sake of this exercise I will think of 3 possible live that I would like to live. As a kid I use to have crazy ideas of what I wanted to be, they might be crazy but I love them. But as of today the 3 possible lives that I would live are pretty fun and some are more simple than others.

1. A Drawing Art

I love drawing, I have actually draw for a good majority of my time as a kid so I’m proficient at it. Now for this to happen firstly there is a huge gap and we call this space “work” between where I am now and where I would like to be. Here goes a 5 years plans.

  • First I would need to work on my self and need to take professional lesson from someone who is knowledgeable about drawing. And a work ethic that I develop early in my art experience is to draw everyday and all the time about anything. It doesn’t matter what you drew as long as each one you are working to improve. Patience is key and trust in the work, the result will come.
  • Second year, more work, funny I know but if you truly love it it isn’t work anymore. Just like a hobby you wouldn’t call that work, would you?
  • Communication and get my art out there for the world to see. Now a true artist create art for the sake of art it self, but unfortunately in this world you need to feed yourself and your family there for I need to work on how incomes can be generated from this. Now it will take times and effort but its possible. Think of it this way the people helps you, you live, therefore another day and more art to be produce for the people to enjoy. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Fourth year, work on net working with people, and I would like to be my own artist. However working with a team and drawing for instant say for a movie they are working that would be great as well.
  • Lastly, Improve on my craft because truly I think it takes longer to be a master at drawing art, it might take longer than 5 years. Plus it is a journey there is no rush however I do need to get out there and start generating income. And the plan for that would be social media, that is the age that we are in right now.

2. Fitness

I love this so much, if I can live this life it would be awesome. I currently for my own personal liking, I train calisthenics with weights. This has to be on the top list of what makes me happy and if I could work in that environment in the future I would die for that. Now lets talk about how it could happen. There are many path to take.

  • I can take a year to train some more and truly study the information. Everything from how the sport work and how the body function.
  • Second year is where I gets fun, I can either work as a personal trainer, help coach at a certain area for be a member of a training crew. Now I will go more into detail about this in my third lives.
  • Third year study and learn the market game, that is important to most of the job that is out there. Working with people and how to get your work out there is important.
  • Fourth year work on putting out content. Produce and produce more and more content. I can do this in person as I train people or through videos, now a days people are learning a lot of things through videos.
  • Lastly, put values out there for people, because I love this so much and when ever I see someone else wanting to get into it, or if they have the same drive is an amazing feeling. Watching someone achieve what they been trying to for a long time is a great feeling.

3. Film Maker

This is the live that I live now, I want to be an artist. You might see a connection between all of these lives and they are Artist. Whether in a form of things or in the form of I am my art, if that make sense.

  • First year, I will be study in CSULB film major, I will try to absorb all the information I can about film making. And I would work to the best of my ability to put out a short little film every week. Now that is hard to do since school is taking all of my time.
  • Second years I will still be studying in CSULB film major, and work on learning how to story tell and things within that nature.
  • Third and fourth years I will be studying as well as graduating from CSULB as a film maker if no other factor change within those times.
  • Lastly I work in many filed, as I said earlier I can be a member of a crew and help them film training video and in that way I get the best of both world. And I can try to work in big company like Hollywood and things in that nature. But my true calling is to be my own artist, and that is difficult to do but what’s the point if it isn’t a challenge. If you take anything away from mud blog if at all is informative is that never back down in face to fear and tough times.

An Interesting story, there are are people that live these lives already thought it might not be exactly the same but similar foundation. Now I did not do any interview but I have been following and learning from these people, the type of content that they put out. For example Elliot Hulse, Chris Heria, these guys are amazing and they put out videos talk about they back story and how they got there. I suggest you go and look them up, but point is people had already interview them and I watched. It is very informative and encouraging word/advice. I would love to interview them my self if I get the chance to do so. Thank you everyone for reading this post and now I will be working the next short videos that I’m working on.

You can look me up on YouTube, MordecaiD_


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