Wk B1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting


                                         Plaster Of Paris 

1. What we did/Experience

This week experiencing with paster casting was similar to things that I have made in the pass. Most often in 3D art class we create sculpture of objects that we can physically touch. For this case I have made paster casting of my hand and it was fun to do. It was of offully simple, we use a mold of our hand then plaster of Paris to create the model of our hand.

2. The Process

First I decide to use clay instead of sand as I sadly forgot to bring supply to class there for I have to resort to doing it at home. It was pretty fun and interesting to see how the plaster works.





Then I mixed the plaster in a ratio of 2:1 plaster to water and place that inside of the mold of my hand that I had created. Then I let it sit for about an hour to let the plaster harden. Then I remove the clay with was more simple than if I would with sand. After that the product came out not too bad, it would have been better if my molding with the clay could have been more sharp.




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